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How to use this form?
Please select the service you would like to inquire about, and your inquiry will be passed directly to the person in charge.
How much does a Facebook Post or a Press Release cost?
Article: NGN 165,000
Facebook post: NGN 70,000.
What is the difference between a Press Release and a Facebook Post?
A Press Release stands for your text, image, and links placement on Legit.ng. The below services are included in the price: 
No-follow links to your website are embedded into the article;
The article is placed in the featured section for 24 hours;
The article is not Google indexed;

A Facebook post is an image and a write-up posted on our main Facebook Page: facebook.com/legitngnews. Each post may contain a link to your website and your Facebook Page may be tagged. We can only work with content that is compliant with the Facebook Community Standards and Branded Content Guidelines.
How do I understand that my Facebook Post is compliant?
Please send us the image, write-up, link, and the name of your business using the form above. Our manager will contact you once your content is approved. If there are any issues with the content you share, our manager will suggest how to work around those issues.
How can I pay for the Facebook Post or a Press Release?
Our manager will check your form and connect with you. You will receive the invoice with payment details. Payment should be made before the publish date.
Once you make payment, you will be asked to send proof of payment to the manager.
How can I understand that my Facebook Post or a Press Release is live?
You will receive a link to your Facebook Post or a Press Release once the manager publishes it.
What if I noticed a mistake in my post after I sent it?
Please contact us using the below email address and specify the date when the post was submitted:
How do I understand what is my Facebook Post or a Press Release’s performance?
Please reply in the email thread where the post or press release’s link was shared with you and request for the report.
I filled in a form but received no feedback. How can I contact you?
Please contact ads@corp.legit.ng directly.