Business Editor (remote)

Monitoring trending business stories
• Sourcing ideas for exclusive stories
• Sourcing comments from experts, entrepreneurs
• Writing and publishing business stories that resonate with our audience (including news articles, market overviews, interviews, analysis and feature articles about business)
Posting your articles to Facebook
• Participating in all activities related to business content direction (including the newsletters, videos, promo and distribution of content).

• Degree or Diploma in journalism/media studies or related field
• Considerable experience in journalism and writing business content 
• Passion for writing business content 
• Impeccable communication and interviewing skills, both written and verbal
• Strong contacts in business world
• Strategic and analytical thinker
• Ability to go the extra mile
• Self-driven individual with strong desire to constantly learn and adapt 
Good time management and work organisation skills
• Work under minimal supervision
• Ability to churn out articles in perfect English
• Ability to work remotely (good internet connection and a laptop, minimum Intel Core i3).

Competitive salaries
Friendly working environment
Unlimited opportunities to learn and grow
Opportunity to interact with some of the best in the industry
Exclusive access to the advanced technologies and tools. is a part of a global consumer internet company, Legit (ex-GMEM), that is number one in each of the markets it operates in.